[Prime 10] Best Need For Velocity: Underground 2 Vehicles (Ranked)

No sport represents the late 90s/early 2000s Tuner car scene quite like this sport. This sport is the epitome of all the fans of the primary 2 Quick and Furious films and the individuals who watched and awed at Initial D. This game allows you to place yourselves in the sneakers of these racers and permits you to create those epic and nearly absurd-wanting JDM masterpieces.


10. Toyota Corrola GT-S – Need For Speed underground 2 map

Bring Out the Tofu and get ready to drift like its Preliminary D

There’s a purpose that is the highest one of the top first options when you first get a car in-game. The AE86 also known as the Toyota Corolla GT-S, is simply a car that simply drifts and handles like a charm. It is unironically a machine for drifting and may be easily tuned to be tremendous smooth for driving. Now channel your inner tofu delivery driver with this car

What’s Nice In regards to the Toyota Corolla GTS:

– It handles tremendous clear and has wonderful braking
– Pop-up lights and super aesthetic with the Preliminary-D aesthetic
– Good candidate for a sleeper car

Toyota Corolla GT-S stats:

– Acceleration- A
– Top Pace – B+
– Dealing with – A+

9. Honda Civic – Need For SpeedCivics go crazy as all the time.

Civics are the very best low-cost, quick, and enjoyable automobiles. Civics are only a tuner’s dream, they’re just built to be modded into insane machines with velocity, acceleration, and that dealing with. It’s the perfect all-round car to build into your own private masterpiece, they can be a quiet unknown sleeper automobile or a loud and wild ricer. Now come and wreak havoc with this hot hatch.

What’s Nice In regards to the Honda Civic:

– Super balanced automobile for all kinds of races
– Incredibly versatile for tuning
– Tremendous low-cost and simple starting car

Honda Civic stats:

– Acceleration- A-
– Top Pace – A-
– Handling – A-

8. Ford Mustang – Need For Speed Underground 2 trainer

The Mustang continues to be blazingly Fast

There’s a motive the Mustang is the gold normal of muscle vehicles. American Muscle automobiles are nonetheless simply as aesthetic as all these tuner vehicles. The Mustang is the most iconic muscle car, which looks as epic as the remaining of these cars. The Mustang is a super tricky automobile to grasp and handle, but the Mustang rewards these prepared to be taught with tremendous quick velocity and quickness. As you may expect from the identify no automobile gallops quite like this one.

What’s Nice About the Mustang:

– The Mustang has the quickest breakneck speeds and accelerates tremendous quick
– Aesthetic Smart no automobile pulls off the exposed engine just like the Mustang
– This car is a drag racer’s dream for certain

Ford Mustang stats:

– Acceleration – A+
– Top Velocity – A+
– Handling – B

7. Caddilac Escalade

Big and Powerful like the rest of the SUVs

This SUV gets you feeling like an absolute pimp with it’s syle and substance whereas you may not get the same pace, quickness, and general driving expertise when driving the SUVs in-recreation, these cars are still hype in their own approach. The Cadillac Escalade is one of the best out of the three SUVs nonetheless having that horsepower, but in addition being comparatively simple to drive. The Escalade also looks super sick after you spend time customizing it. The Escalade is simply the peak of a big automotive = big engine

What’s Great About SUVs:

– The Escalade is tough and doesn’t get bumped off easily
– Finest all-round and balanced SUV
– Aesthetic, especially with all the colors and lights whenever you customize it.

Caddilac Escalade stats:

– Acceleration- B
– Top Speed – B+
– Handling – B-

6. Acura RSX

Underrated beast of a automotive

Underappreciated legend gets its deserving time in the highlight whereas the RSX, isn’t as large of a reputation as another vehicles on this listing, it still is one amazing automobile. If you’re taking the time to mod and fix it up, the RSX seems to be and feels identical to a Sports Automobile. The RSX also has an insane top pace, so if you’ll be able to maintain your pace you’ll be completely zooming via the opposite cars. So you must actually check out this underrated terror of a car.

What’s Nice About RSX:

– Insanely quick High pace
– Looks tremendous good when modded, trying just like a racecar.
– Acceleration and dealing with are also excellent

RSX stats:

– Acceleration- B+
– High Speed – A++
– Dealing with – B+

5. Mazda RX-7

Absolutely insane Acceleration

Dorito Power actually rocks. The Mazda RX-7 is another Iconic speedster from the early 2000’s JDM scene. Means quicker, than the Mazda MX-5 and somehow even better in a lot of elements compared to the RX-8, the RX-7 with its bizarre and funky triangle-shaped Engine just accelerates like no different automotive. Try out Japan’s best drag racing machine and see for your self simply how epic it is.


What’s Great In regards to the RX-7:

– The RX-7 rivals even the perfect Muscle cars with its acceleration
– When tuned up it’s one of many quickest cars imaginable and might play catch-up well with its Acceleration
– May be tuned completely for the kind of races you want, whether or not it’s laps, Sprints, Drags, and even Drifting.

RX-7 stats:

– Acceleration- A++
– High Speed – A+
– Handling – B+

4. Pontiac GTO

A Fashionable-Day twist on an American Classic

This Firebird can burn some rubber. Whereas the GTO nowadays appears and feels so much totally different from its muscle car standing from the eighty and 70s, this automobile is still just as clean and quick as those outdated-college icons. Like different muscle cars, it takes some time to master dealing with it however you’ll be able to ensure it accelerates quick and has an insane prime velocity. So Hearth up this FIrebird if you’d like some epic racing.

What’s Great In regards to the Pontiac GTO:

– Another automobile perfect for cultivating right into a dragster
– Accelerates and has the highest speed different automobiles would kill for
– A car that’s hard to grasp but will likely be a machine once you do

Pontiac GTO stats:

– Acceleration – A+
– High Velocity – A+
– Handling – C+

3. Subaru Impreza

This Rally Legend is a racing machine

The Impresa is here to Impress you. The Impreza is an iconic car in the world of racing. Few automobiles can match this car in the case of versatility. If the Impreza can zoom even in the muddies hills and jungles, then you already know this automotive can pace up on your average road. See for yourself why the world fell in love with this rally machine.

What’s Nice Concerning the Impreza:

– Can be molded into the right automotive it doesn’t matter what need
– Can handles like a charm whereas also accelerating and speeding up effectively
– Drifts like a champ and may even take successful when driving.

Impreza stats:


– Acceleration- A
– High Speed – A
– Dealing with – A

2. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII

The only automobile that can stand toe to toe with the Impreza

Just as epic-wanting and killer as the previous evolutions. The Lancer is one other Rally carr legend, you could argue is somewhat bit better than the Impreza. It may do all the things the Impreza can however it’s a bit better since it’s manner easier to customise into the right automobile with how simple it’s to tune. No higher manner to choose between this and the Impreza than by check-driving yourself.

What’s Great In regards to the Lancer Evo:

– Does everything super properly and may keep up
– Tremendous customizable with all of the upgrades you can do on it
– Handles Amazingly
– Could be designed in so many ways on your specific aesthetics

Lancer Evo stats:

– Acceleration – A
– High Pace – A
– Dealing with – A+

1. Nissan Skyline GTR

There’s a purpose why this car is an icon

This automobile is not too fast or furious if you’re a adequate driver. This automobile is a fully legendary car for a reason. It could haul with its insane acceleration and Giga high high speed. This car is as close to an ideal racing machine. This automotive may also handle pretty properly. This car is as near excellent as you can get and is deservedly number one. Now discover out if this car really lives as much as all of the hype.