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Call Of Duty: Warzone is a free-to-play, first-particular person shooter video game, revolved around a Battle Royale, printed by Activision for Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Warzone is about in the fictional world of CoD’s Trendy Warfare sequence. The game options a battle-royale-model recreation mode the place one hundred fifty gamers enter the city of Verdansk (loosely primarily based on real-world city Donetsk) and struggle for supplies and gear in a constantly shrinking map till one particular person or squad remains. Warzone was launched worldwide on March 10th, 2020.



On February eleventh, 2020, roughly three months after Call of Duty: Modern Warfare released, a leak appeared on Reddit[1] that claimed a brand new battle royale mode for the sport was in the works. In an announcement from Activision[2] on March 9th, 2020, the publisher confirmed that the brand new mode was indeed actual and can be launched the next day underneath the title “Call Of Duty: Warzone.” The blog submit went on to elucidate that Warzone can be a new F2P game featuring up to one hundred fifty players battling in town of Verdansk. Warzone permits for solo play or squads of three and in addition consists of crossplay between the three supported platforms.

Warzone includes two distinctive sport modes for gamers to choose from. The first mode is solely referred to as, “Battle Royale,” which options as much as one hundred fifty gamers escaping a deadly fuel that closes in round them until one stays. The second mode, “Plunder,” is a race to collect probably the most “Cash” by looting key factors across the map, completing “Contracts” or killing enemies and stealing their Money. In both of these modes, Money may also be used to purchase in-match objects from areas called “Buy Stations.”

Much like other battle royales, the game’s map includes several totally different areas with names equivalent to “Gorengard Lumber Yard,” each with distinctive landmarks and layouts. Firstly of each match, gamers airdrop into Verdansk and can select the place they prefer to land. There are 5 types of automobiles scattered all through the world, together with an ATV, Tactical Rover, SUV, Cargo Truck and Helicopter.

One unique characteristic of Warzone’s Battle Royale is that when players are first killed, they become “Prisoners of Warzone” and are locked up within the Gulag. Right here, players can fight other prisoners to the loss of life in a single 1v1 fashion match to earn a chance at being redeployed into the map. In case you die in the Gulag, your solely chance of being brought again to town is if your squad collects sufficient money to redeploy you.

Gamers can earn the in-recreation currency, Cash, by completing goal-based mostly quests inside the sport mode referred to as Contracts, which are randomly positioned throughout Verdansk. Each squad can only have one of those active at a time, however finishing them rewards Cash and other gadgets that can offer you an edge. One such advantage is the ability to see the place the map will collapse subsequent, permitting your squad to get the leap on rivals. The sorts of Contracts included are Scavenger, Provide and Recon.

On-line Presence

Very similar to other Call of Duty titles, Warzone has had a large online presence throughout a number of social media platforms and websites. Although the official accounts are still underneath the “Call of Duty” title and never underneath individual pages devoted to Warzone, the sport presently has over 3.9 million followers on Twitter[3], 9.4 million followers on Instagram[4] and 24 million on Facebook[5]. For unofficial accounts, there are quite a few pages from followers, together with the Instagram[6] account Warzone.Cod, which continuously posts memes. The Fb[7] group Call of Duty WARZONE is another supply of memes, and at present has over 76,000 members.

On Reddit, there are two major subs dedicated particularly to Warzone. The r/CODWarzone[8] subreddit is the biggest with over 180,000 members and is also supported by the developers. The second subreddit is r/ModernWarzone[9] (30,500 members), which is completely run by followers.


Warzone has a large meme culture inside all of those various communities the place fans regularly create content surrounding completely different facets of the sport. One such instance comes from Redditor[10] GrayCollarLogic, posted to the r/CODWarzone sub on March 16th, 2020. The meme (seen beneath), which features a revamped version of the I’m As soon as Once more Asking For your Financial Help meme, obtained over 8,000 upvotes, 183 comments and a few Reddit awards.

Another, uploaded on April seventh, 2020, comes from the Instagram[11] account Warzone.Cod, depicting Patrick Star as a player operating into the fray as a substitute of reviving teammates. The post (shown under) was preferred over 900 occasions.

A put up shared by #1 Call Of Duty Warzone Web page 🔥 (@warzone.cod) on Apr 7, 2020 at 3:16pm PDT

Associated Memes

Gulag Memes

Gulag is certainly one of Warzone’s most commonly memed components, which appears on quite a few social media platforms. Within the Gulag, gamers are pitted in opposition to one another in a 1v1 fight for a chance at being redeployed into town. Upon profitable their freedom, they are then dropped again into Verdansk from a helicopter, which is a frequent point of such memes. One such instance comes from Twitter[12] user murray_myles, who used the video of Boris Johnson getting caught on a zipline on April sixth, 2020. The video (seen beneath) received 418 likes and 164 retweets.

Boris coming back from the gulag tomorrow

– myles (@murray_myles) April 6, 2020

On April 9th, 2020, Twitter[13] person gymIad additionally tweeted a Gulag meme (proven beneath), receiving nearly 1,000 likes and 226 comments.

When you’re first within the foyer to go to the gulag

– Haz (@gymIad) April 9, 2020


Redditor[14] joesdirte shared a Gulag meme to the r/CODWarzone sub on March 21st, 2020, using the Bane VS Pink Man format, which was upvoted virtually 8,000 times.

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