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About Us

Bharatiya Chitra Sadhna

Films are one of the most potent media of carrying information and entertainment to the masses. Right from the times when b making and exhibition of films got initiated in the Bharatiya society their impact has been not only observed but proved as well. With the advancement of the technologies the choices for watching this audio video art form have multiplied manifolds. From a hand held screen on mobile telephone of few square centimeters to a screen of tablet, laptop, desk top, television there is a huge screen available in a multiplex exhibition hall. Engagement with screen, small or big has become an essential part of modern life. The formats of audio video displayed on the screens also vary from commercials of few seconds to a full length feature films of an average 150 minutes. These films, short or long, documentaries or fiction shot or animated all have the potential of making and unmaking of societal perceptions. Films not only perform as the mirrors to the society they also impact the immediate and long term future of the society.

In Bharat, films played an important motivational and mobilisational roles in the independence struggle. Earlier films depicted the realities of Bharat and reinforced our age old but, survived thought process and behavioral patterns. They also became the agents of developmental changes in the society in post independence era. But somewhere the film making became the tool of dissemination of non-Bharatiya ethos and value systems. On many occasions the films also passed antisocial and anti national content in the grab of art, entertainment and freedom of expression. There is conclusive evidence that there is a planned effort to use films to support the forces that are hell bent upon to break and disintegrate the nation.

Films have a strong capacity to help Bharat to regain its lost glory and become an effective support system for rejuvenating the Bharatiya society. Realising the positive potential of all kinds of films in the process of the rise of Bharat, like minded persons decided to promote films with positive, constructive and integrity promoting messages. Bharatiya Chitra Sadhana was created in 2016 to encourage films that promote ancient and modern Bharatiya values and philosophy.



We want Bharat to be the leading nation of the world in the field of films promoting integral humanism thereby reestablishing the supremacy of Bharatiya ethos and philosophy.


To evolve Bharatiya Chitra Sadhana into a major film promoting, making, distributing and exhibition system in Bharat and abroad.


  1. To encourage film makers with commitment to Bharatiya values.
  2. To maximise efforts to promote Bharatiyata in films in Bharat and abroad.
  3. To organise competitive film festivals at local, national and international levels.
  4. To identify and train young women and men with an aptitude of audio video productions and train them in various arts, crafts and techniques of film making.
  5. To create a corpus to provide finance to films promoting Bharatiyata.
  6. To create awareness amongst the masses to appreciate good films.
Bhartiya Chitra Sadhna